My payment has declined, what should I do?

The payment side of our checkout is securely hosted by PayPal, however, that does not necessarily mean that you require a PayPal account to pay for an order. You can still pay using the card of your choice thanks to PayPal's Guest Checkout function (more information here).

Payment declines typically occur due to one of the following easily resolved reasons:

  • Billing Address Mismatch – If you are trying to pay by card using PayPal's Guest Checkout then please make sure to enter your full and correct 'Billing Address' of the payment card that you are using to pay, into the applicable fields provided on the PayPal payment page. If you are trying to pay from your verified PayPal account then please make sure the 'Billing Address' that you have for your 'funding source' on your PayPal account is up-to-date and correct. Don't worry, the 'Shipping Address' that you provide to us at the initial stage of our store's checkout can be different from your 'Billing Address', this is perfectly fine.
  • Exceeded Card Limit – Please check the balance of the bank account that funds the credit/debit card or PayPal Account that you are trying to pay from. If you do not have the required funds available in your bank to cover the total value of your intended order, the payment will be declined.

If you have satisfied the checks mentioned above and are still experiencing a payment decline, then you need to consider the source of the decline. The decline will either be coming from your bank, or from PayPal. In either case, the following may assist:

PayPal Originating Decline

When Using PayPal's Guest Checkout:

If you do not already have a PayPal account and therefore are attempting to pay by card using PayPal's Guest Checkout and all of your Billing Address and card details that you have entered are accurate, however, you are still experiencing a payment decline, then this could be because PayPal does set a limit on the total spend and/or the number of transactions a person can make with any given credit/debit card via the PayPal Guest Checkout function. To resolve this, you can either try paying with a different credit/debit card, or you can sign-up for an account with PayPal, which is very quick and simple to do.

When Using A Fully Verified PayPal Account:

If you already have a pre-existing fully verified PayPal account yet you are still experiencing a payment decline, then please first check that all your card/bank details are current and correct within your PayPal account. If your card/bank details are current and correct within your PayPal account yet you are still experiencing a payment decline when trying to place an order with us, then this can usually be resolved with a 'PayPal-generated invoice' which is an invoice that we will create within our PayPal account, and have PayPal send directly to your email address. The vast majority of our customers that have encountered a PayPal payment decline while going through our store's checkout have subsequently been able to successfully pay a PayPal-generated invoice, which can be paid with either the card of your choice using PayPal's Guest Checkout or from your pre-existing PayPal account. Should you wish to receive a PayPal-generated invoice for your intended order, then please email us stating the number of bottles that you wish to order and your country of delivery (required for invoicing the appropriate shipping cost). Alternatively, you can contact PayPal and ask them why they are declining your payment.

Bank (Card Issuer) Originating Decline

If you feel that your payment decline originated from your bank, then we would recommend that you contact your bank and tell them that you are trying to place an order with an online store but are experiencing a payment decline. Your bank will be able to explain the reason for the decline and will also be able to approve accordingly, at which stage you can then simply return to our checkout and proceed to place your order successfully. Please note that while we have warehouses situated both in the United States & the United Kingdom, our main head office is based in the United Kingdom, therefore all payments are processed in the United Kingdom by PayPal UK.


If the advice given above fails to resolve your payment decline, then please send us an email by clicking here.